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Alison Wood

‘I would recommend this ride to anyone who loves riding, food, wine and the bush. The hospitality was second to none and all the meals were wonderful. I rode Shiloh, an Arab gelding. He was a great little horse and very forward moving – he and I lead out on some days. Our guides and hosts were great. Tiff is a very caring person who loves her horses to bits and was always there to help. Bernie, the second guide, was with us every day with a BIG smile and a wonderful attitude. The whole family were awesome. I loved them all.
Every day was great, but the ride to the river was my most memorable day. It was the biggest riding day and I loved the spectacular views on the way down to the river. It was quite a steep descent and climb back up, but the horses handled it with ease. I enjoyed the beach ride very much, too. Getting to ride a heavy horse was wonderful and we had some great canters.’

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