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Audrey Tan

‘The Yarra Valley Ride is the perfect length if you’re looking for a short getaway from Melbourne. It was an absolute joy after a long year out of the saddle. I rode BB. He was happy go lucky, affectionate, fit, surefooted and loved a good canter! I felt very safe riding him – he looked after me well. My favourite moment on the trip was definitely galloping on the second day. Not only did I feel secure and comfortable at that speed, I also felt I improved as a rider. That gave me a boost in confidence and trust in my own abilities. Clancy told me I had the biggest grin on my face!
For someone who has very specific dietary requirements, the food was amazing! Fresh, organic and local. I felt very looked after. The huts were fantastic, and the night in the swag was absolutely brilliant. The double swag was massive, and so comfortable and warm. Clancy and his son Patterson set it up perfectly, oriented to overlook the glorious view, moonrise and sunrise.
Thank you to Clancy and his team for a wonderful time.’

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