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Barbara Pingree

‘I am thrilled to have gone on the first Tuscany trip. It was an incredible experience that exceeded all my expectations. I had almost cancelled the trip due to a rough patch that I had gone through just before leaving, but little did I know that this experience would help me heal and bring a smile to my face. The hosts were two of the most wonderful and gracious people I have ever met. From the moment I arrived and met them, I felt a sense of peace. The location was breathtaking, the horses were remarkable and so well taken care of, the dogs were like family, and the accommodations were five-star! And then there was the authentic Italian food. Being of Italian descent, I can say that this was the real deal! The riding experience was amazing. The horses knew their job, and the guides were always attentive to our needs. From riding through the olive trees to galloping on the beach, every moment had us all smiling. I cannot recommend this ride enough, and in fact, I plan on returning next year!’

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