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Belinda Strickland

‘My daughter and I hadn’t had the opportunity to spend time together alone for over 10 years, and we had never been so very far away from home. I could never have imagined how greatly my expectations would be fulfilled, from the moment we were greeted by Miranda’s warm, smiling face, to the welcoming taxi drivers and tour guides who shared their extensive knowledge, to the most beautiful rides across Andalusia guided by Giles. We fell in love with our horses, who were extremely well-trained, honest, forgiving and understanding. Our canters across the fields and our walks through the creeks and riverbeds brought laughter and exhilaration to my soul. We felt so at home in Coín thanks to the incredible hospitality and loving personalities of everyone there. I have tears in my eyes writing this review because everyone involved touched my heart deeply and made us feel like family. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime that will grab hold of your heart and never let go.’

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