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Bernadette Kelly

‘Camping under the stars and witnessing spectacular sunsets and sunrises, I truly felt as if we were at one with Mother Nature on this ride. Wide open spaces with an everpresent mountainous backdrop, this ride was a showcase of the desert in all its contrasts. We saw giraffe and zebra, oryx and springboeks, jackal and vultures. We even had a campsite visit from a pair of desert foxes. We cantered for miles and miles on flat open ground, scaled rocky precipices, climbed the luminous red dunes, and trekked across a lunar-like valley to find a green oasis waiting for us on the other side. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the mouth watering, restaurant standard meals the chef could cook over a campfire. I asked many questions about the environment we travelled through, to which our guide, Andrew, never failed to impress with a detailed explanation of the role each plant, bird and animal played within the desert ecosystem. The Namib Desert ride was physically challenging but incredibly rewarding. It was a real adventure culminating in a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to see the desert in a way few tourists experience. For me, this ride ticked every box.’

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