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Beth Mason

‘I cannot praise the Yarra Valley Ride enough, it was easily the highlight of my year! Between the beautiful horses, our accommodating and and very entertaining hosts, the stunning scenery and my delightful Globetrotting companions, it’s impossible to choose a highlight. It was the perfect balance between exhilaration and relaxation – we were spoilt both in and out of the saddle. I appreciated the opportunity to ride a different horse each day (Clancy was so accommodating!). We spent our days negotiating bush trails, trotting through dense forest and cantering up steep inclines. It was such a treat to return to a huge cheeseboard waiting on the patio, followed by a delicious dinner with local wines. Our group became fast friends and we had almost as much fun chatting around the fire as we did on horseback.
This was my first Globetrotting ride (hopefully of many!) and it exceeded all my expectations.’
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