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Tricia Huerta

‘Miles and miles of grapevines, incredible light filtering through the trees, and amazing wine by the barrel – probably what you’re expecting when you hear the word ‘Bordeaux’ – but now imagine you’re on a horse. TEN MILLION TIMES BETTER. Riding through the Bordeaux region with the Globetrotting crew and the local guides, every day is a surprise. You’ll think ‘It can’t get better,’ and then it does. From riding through centuries-old fortresses to galloping through a dense forest and picking grapes straight off the vines as you ride by, this ride will have you looking for real estate in the south of France before the week is out. Our hosts were beyond accommodating, and ran the program like a well-oiled machine. The horses were extremely well cared for and had plenty of personality to keep the ride interesting, with amazing boldness in the face of whatever was thrown at them – they didn’t put a hoof wrong. I recommend this trip not just for its delightful scenery and divine food and wine, but mostly for its hosts, as they have incredible stories to tell, care about their human and animal team, and clearly love what they do.’

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