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Brianna Tuffery

‘I had never been a confident rider, but after completing this three day trek with a friend, I’ve never felt more confident! The crew at River Valley were so lovely to deal with. As soon as we saw Nicola and Janie, they both had this super excited look on their face! They were really supportive and always gave us the option to trot/canter, but I never felt like I was being pushed to do anything I didn’t want to. It was a real breath of fresh air being around these soul lifting people. My horse’s name was Rico and I felt he was paired perfectly to me. He listened to me really well and was so well trained in the bitless style of riding.
The team at Globetrotting were so helpful – the best service I’ve ever experienced from an online provider. They called whenever we needed more information and answered any questions in a very helpful and quick way. I really have Globetrotting to thank for helping me build my confidence on a horse. I’m so excited for the next adventure!’

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