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Bronwen Mullany

‘Recently I heard the quote, “The only way to make something amazing happen, is to make something amazing happen” and this trip was living proof. It was my first Globetrotting ride and I do not regret it one bit. It is scary at times to book something with strangers without having a friend with you, but this was the most memorable experience I’ve ever had. I’ve ridden horses on small trail rides and in the arena, but this ride was so freeing, with unforgettable views of the Victorian High Country. The horse that I rode, Rex, was the sweetest boy in the world. Myself and all the riders agreed that Michael, the host, did an exceptional job of matching us with the perfect horse. He was very knowledgeable of the terrain, history and horses. I have never had such a good guide. The accommodation was very peaceful, clean, homey and well set up. I am never going to forget this trip or the amazing animals and people I met. I’m already looking into my next Globetrotting ride!’

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