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Candace Gibson

‘Top marks to Clancy, Vanessa, Dick, and the wonderful team of helpers on the Yarra Valley Ride. They have set a very high bar for my first Globetrotting experience! I rode Sugar, who was an absolute sweetheart with a lovely soft mouth, good head carriage and a lovely temperament. I was very impressed with the standard of tack, as well. The scenery was amazing and the length of the rides well judged. The food was exceptional, the beds were really comfortable and everything was super clean and cosy. The open fire was amazing.
I was particularly impressed with Clancy’s flexible attitude, consulting widely to ensure everyone had the experience they wanted. Vanessa is a woman of many talents: practical, caring, an exceptional horsewoman, and a knowledgeable vigneron. Clancy couldn’t have picked a better second guide.
I would definitely recommend this ride. I have taken away some precious memories.’

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