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Carolyn Ross

‘A dream finally coming true. I had looked at Glenorchy and horse trekking in general around New Zealand for many years. I had done two previous treks that included an overnight stay, but this was an opportunity to immerse totally: no communication with the outside world. My new friends the horses, our guides and our horse riding buddies were fantastic. Not to mention my new best friend Beer, a fantastic, brave, kind, clever, handsome, happy fellow. I particularly loved galloping up the hill, all the river crossings, and riding back from Paradise going around the mountain.
I was totally impressed with our guides. Passionate horse people, totally professional, amazing people skills, polite, knowledgeable, humorous. They took no shortcuts with safety – it was paramount. I think you would be hard pressed to find better guides. If you find yourself looking at this ride thinking ‘Wow, I would love this’, then do it. I have no regrets!’

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