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Cayse Alderwood

‘I originally agreed to go on this trip with my wife as I knew she would love it. I was never enthusiastic around horses, so I went into this trip with lower expectations as it wasn’t typically my niche. But as the days went on, I found myself forming a new opinion of horse riding. I rode Major, and on the beach day I was given George. Both horses were fantastic and responsive. I was able to learn so much riding Major – I wish I could have taken him home. My favourite experience was the campdrafting. It was fast paced, competitive and I just want to keep doing more and more of it! All the guides were awesome at doing their jobs and performing their duty of care. They catered to everyone and mentored me really well. The experience, people and horses were all fantastic and I’m looking forward to taking my wife on many more Globetrotting rides.’

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