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Debra Whittaker

‘This ride was the perfect mix of trail riding, cattle work and beach riding, with the most spectacular location for our home base. The glamping tents were incredibly cosy and comfy, with nice linen. Each day was different and flowed nicely; I felt I was building skills steadily, without any pressure, as Andrew and his team were so patient. Their cattle work and horse knowledge was amazing, and they were very down to earth. Destiny, my horse, was so clever and quick on his turns – he loved chasing cattle. It was also nice not to be riding nose to tail all the time, as we had freedom to direct our horses.
There were so many highlights, like seeing koalas, a private concert with Tania Kernaghan, pushing cattle through long grass, and sliding down a steep bank that we also rode back up a few days later! The food was amazing and plentiful. Everyone got on so well, and I hope we meet again on a future ride.’

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