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Dina D

‘There are no perfect words to describe this incredible trip, but I’ll certainly try. First, this was a soul-gripping adventure that transformed me. Even as a lifelong frequent rider and horse enthusiast, I had to gain a new set of skills and confidence to take my riding to the next level. I’m so glad I didn’t let fear hold me back! These powerful and well-trained horses allowed me the opportunity to improve my riding but also to experience Scotland as a participant in one of the most honorable Scottish traditions. I became emotional as crowds with small children, teens, and elders from their front porches and windows would clap and cheer, “Hip hip hooray!” I would laugh uncontrollably as we would literally soar through grassy fields, beaches, and hillsides! The smile never left my face. I’m still transformed by the spirit of these wonderful people. Suzy and Gemma were brilliant at making us feel comfortable and pairing us with the ideal mounts. I have been changed in the best way possible. I’ve been given a gift of majestic horses and Scottish beauty all wrapped up in the trip of a lifetime!’

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