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Edith Cattell

‘Mongolia was definitely a trip to remember, and one I would repeat in a heartbeat!
Your saddle might not always be comfortable and your stirrups might never be even, but those trusty little Mongol horses will carry you across any terrain, getting you safely to your destination. There definitely won’t be a hot shower at the end of the day, but you’ll always be guaranteed a hearty meal. We were expecting to live off mutton and potatoes, but the food exceeded our expectations. I hoped to lose a few kilos on the trip, but I definitely didn’t! There was also a vegetarian on the trip and the cooks tailored to her needs fantastically. The guides, wranglers, and cooks were all amazing. They were all very knowledgeable in their own areas and very accommodating.
I loved my little Mongol pony! I so badly wanted to take him home. He was such a trooper. And the reindeer valley was such a surreal experience! I was in no way expecting to ride down into the valley and find all the reindeer roaming free, and they were so friendly!’

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