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Erin Creed

‘This was my first Globetrotting experience. I was excited and had high expectations, but this ride was beyond anything I could have imagined. Miranda and Giles are gems – they’re diamonds: warm, authentic, funny, kind and helpful. The small group of 6 guests was great, and I have made new horse friends for life. I came with two of my friends, and we are definitely closer now because of this experience. The horses are delightful, surefooted, well trained, and have lovely unique personalities. I opted to book a dressage lesson and the “lesson horse” was this big, beautiful, award-winning PRE stallion who was unlike any horse I have ridden before. I hadn’t done dressage in 25 years and by the end we had lovely long trots, flying changes, half passes, a Spanish walk and a piaffe. It felt SO cool! An experience I will never forget.’

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