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Heidi Stoll

‘The Margaret River Ride was amazing. It’s something my childhood self could only have dreamed of doing. I rode Evie and she was fantastic. Beautifully educated, lovely temperament, responsive, and didn’t put a hoof wrong. I got to try things I otherwise wouldn’t have, like polocrosse and riding in the ocean, as well as seeing the beautiful Western Australian scenery. The beach ride was a highlight and I’ll never forget it. Meeting Mitch and learning about her culture and the history of the Aboriginal community in Margaret River was great as well. I feel lucky to have experienced it. The staff were great, very friendly and down to earth, and just incredible at what they do. The meals were fantastic and well balanced and the accommodation was clean and cosy. The communal areas and the fire created a lovely atmosphere. As someone who only took up riding as an an adult, it was great to be immersed in horse activities for hours, with the same lovely mare each day. I improved and learnt so much.’

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