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Jeanette H

‘This ride was a wonderful unfolding experience. I went for the horses and the excitement of riding through fairytale pretty countryside, with a glass of champagne along the way. I rode the beautiful Chanel (a Norman Cob/Arab) and she lived up to every expectation, as did the scenery. What I did not expect was that I would absorb so much about French culture. This was also a story of French culture, champagne, and the role of women in the industry. Our hosts carefully curated a point-to-point ride of about 130 km that circled Montagne de Reims, exposing us to both big producers and family-owned labels, including a visit to Dom Perignon’s home village. This has refined my appreciation for sparkling wines, I will never enjoy a sparkling wine that does not carry the chalk of those hills in it! I would do the Champagne ride all over again in a heartbeat!’

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