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Jeanette Hoogstad

‘I had an absolutely brilliant week on the Glenorchy backcountry ride. It was a remote and rustic experience, immersed in pristine nature and its elements. The guides were knowledgeable, diligent, and trustworthy, and the horses were well-kept, fit, and forward-moving, excelling at their work. I rode a mare called Peso, who was an absolute delight. Camping at Arthurs Creek was a real highlight, and despite the lack of power, town water, and reception, it still felt like a special place. On day five, the weather was rough, but we all chose to push through and take the planned route rather than a shorter one. It helped that we trusted our guides’ judgment entirely. This was my favourite ride of all, as we came across a different river system and saw quite different landscapes. There’s no better way to see Middle Earth than in the mist and rain. The ride felt like a real mission, even if not quite Tolkienian in scale. It always makes a difference when you have great company. All I can say is, on the four Globetrotting rides I have done, I’ve never had anything but great company. These rides are the best levellers, and everyone seems to want to share their own fascinating experience, wisdom, and brand of kindness. Thanks again, Globetrotting. I put all my trust in your style, priorities, planning, information, and care, and it keeps paying off!’

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