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Karen Roberts

‘Gorgeous blue-green crystal clear waters, soaring mountains and plunging ridgelines combined with surefooted and unflappable dream horses, a bit of cosy luxury camping and delectable food. This ride both challenges your fears and soothes the soul – a veritable feast of stunning scenery. It met every expectation I had and more. I have ridden on so many other speccy trips with their own special features that I have loved, and they seem tame in comparison – for adrenaline, I think this hard to beat.
I rode Moro Negro and I loved him. He was so perfectly behaved and well trained – I couldn’t think of a single thing to improve. Very surefooted over all the rabbit holes and so careful and unflappable on the Pass of Tears. He was perfect for me and the sort of horse I wish I could find at home. The saddles were great – to do those 13 hour days and not get sore is an achievement! The gauchos provided excellent care of the horses and were very accommodating of us – nothing was too much trouble.
All the staff were great, friendly and went above and beyond. Daisy made this ride the fantastic experience it was. Her humour and stories, her consideration and care of each and every one of us, her easy going approachability and the reassurance and communication she provided was so highly valued. She is a talented host and a special part of the team.
The food was divine – some of the best I’ve had. Clean flavours, fresh, healthy but still delicious, and a perfect amount of it. The chef should produce a book of his recipes – I would absolutely have bought it.
Not for the inexperienced or faint of heart, this was a very special experience of Patagonia and has become my new ‘happy place’ – at least ’til my next ride!’

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