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Kate Gordon

‘This ride is a journey of a lifetime! It is so much more than you can ever imagine. The feeling of being so completely removed from society/reality was overwhelmingly liberating. There is also something very humbling about being somewhere so wild and vast. So untouched by mankind. Something very spiritual. I think the phrase “losing yourself in the desert to find yourself” is very true. This trip felt more like a pilgrimage for me. Every day we rode, I went a little deeper into my soul. Layer by layer, day by day, kilometre by kilometre, I reconnected with a part of myself in a way I haven’t for many years. Never-ending changing scenery, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, sleeping under the clearest of skies magically lit by the most amazing moon I have ever seen, riding one of the most remarkable mares I have had the privilege to ride, some of fastest most thrilling riding I have done, lovely soft canters over rolling landscapes, 5-star food cooked in camp ovens, G&T’s with lemon and ice, exceptional company, not seeing another soul for days on end and a country unlike any other I have visited. This ride was truly one of the most remarkable things I have done.’

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