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Kelley Foster

‘Simon and Megan were truly amazing. Simon is an encyclopaedia of information and seemed to enjoy sharing his knowledge and love of the animals and the land. He never tired of the barrage of voices asking questions, needing assistance or just wanting to chat for a bit. Megan and Simon seem to communicate without words. They are in harmony with the surrounding environment, the horses and each other. They wear a lot of hats: they are perfect hosts, skilled equestrians, conservation enthusiasts, protectors, and they became friends that I did not want to leave.
The food was incredible. Every meal was fresh and delicious. There is nothing like food prepared over an open fire. My horse, Tinga, was amazing. Well trained, honest, brave, forward and seemingly happy to be on safari. I was happy with the accommodation – I especially loved our second camp high up on the escarpment. The views were incredible. I also loved the mid-day riding break on ‘move days’ when we would ride up to our row of chairs and private little areas set up for us to stretch out and relax. I loved that the horses were untacked, washed in the river, fed and given a well deserved rest. The quality of service, level of care of the horses, attention to detail and safari experience gave me priceless memories.’

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