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Kristin Merrington

‘I’m still trying to adjust back to normal life with a crazy amount of emotions still resonating from memories of my Glenorchy experience. I was most fortunate to have two dear friends join me, which added to how wonderful it all was because I was able to share each extraordinary moment with them.
My horse, Doobie – if only I could have brought him home with me. He was very special and I felt honoured to be cared for by him each day. I’m not sure how he did it in such a short time, but he certainly impacted forever my heart and my mind. Corny but true.
Our guides, Nat, Shaun and Bijmin, were absolutely outstanding in every way! From their extensive knowledge and care of the native flora and fauna and the wonderful history of the region, to their intuitive horsemanship, to their complete professionalism and awesome cooking skills. We consistently felt safe, organised, informed, catered-for and important.
Thank you for all your hard work in organising such a special experience.’

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