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Leonie Martin

‘I loved this ride. The scenery was genuinely breathtaking at every turn and it is an experience that will last a lifetime. I would actually go back and do it again. It was very well run and organised by the team in Glenorchy. Their local knowledge was great and their horsemanship was exceptional. It was great to see that the staff had a genuine love for the animals in their care. The horses were incredibly fit, well looked after, and well-matched to their riders. They were all cool, calm and collected and had plenty of ‘go’ when asked. Each day I enjoyed a great ride, lovely healthy fresh food, stunning scenery, a nice glass of local wine, great company and a few creature comforts. Who could complain about that? I made a few lovely new friends and had a great time. I would happily book a trip through Globetrotting again.’

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