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Monique Galluzzo

‘This ride exceeded all expectations, I don’t think anything will come close to comparing. From the moment I arrived I was in complete awe of everything. Every day was a new adventure shared with a fantastic group of like-minded people. The horses were amazing, in great condition and were well matched to everyone’s riding abilities. The camps were very comfortable and I loved the locations. The attention to detail and the food was incredible. Simon and Megan are both extremely gifted, knowledgeable and engaging guides with a fantastic sense of humour. They went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable. There were so many highlights, from up-close encounters with elephants and lions to riding through spectacular scenery alongside herds of zebra and giraffes. I’ll never forget the first time we crossed the Mara River or the adrenaline rush the first time we chased wildebeest! My heart aches to go back!’

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