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Maegan McFawn

‘I arrived to absolute paradise and throughly enjoyed my five days! Every little detail had been thought of and guest comfort was priority. Andrew and his staff were fantastic, down-to-earth, a lot of fun, and highly educational regarding the local area and horsemanship. The group I was with were an absolute hoot, but the heroes of the ride were the horses. My gelding, Teddy, was fantastically trained with a mouth like butter, and super responsive. He was safe and surefooted whilst also having plenty of get up and go. I wanted to bring him home with me! Horse welfare is the highest priority, and that was so easy to see with the passion that both the staff and the horses displayed. There was a great variety of riding in a short space of time. Cantering down one of the prettiest beaches imaginable then swimming bareback cannot be described. The food by Chef Dan was spectacular and individual catering needs were no issue. I really cannot put into words how incredible this experience was and I can’t recommend it enough!’

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