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Maree S

‘South African Explorer – what an AMAZING week that was. From fabulous unique accommodation – think beautiful individual bungalows, gorgeous tents with open-air shower, and a stunning tree camp – to fantastic food, guides, horses and AFRICA. I would never have imagined being so close, so aware of the grace of a giraffe, the cheekiness of a warthog, the subtle power in a cheetah, or the size of an elephant. For just a moment, they allowed me to be inside their space – how lucky we are. The horses are ready – to race with you across open ground, hop over logs and obstacles, or splash through water. Polocrosse was a blast – it doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no skills, everyone, including the other team, is giving advice and cheering you on, and the horses know what they are doing. Stunning night skies, eerie sunrises in the mist, great food, great friends – Thank you Kate and Laura, for another life-changing experience.’

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