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Marina Larcombe

‘My Glenorchy Back Country Ride was sublime… beyond expectations. The horses were exceptional. I was allocated the most divine, well-schooled, spirited gelding called Doobie, and we bonded instantly, as did the other riders with their steeds. Spending time with these stunning horses was a gift. We had snow the night before our trek (capping the mountains), sunshine for a few days (flushing the lupines), rain one day (flooding the streams) and sunshine on our last day; the perfect mix for exploring this striking landscape. Plus, our hosts and guides were among some of the nicest people I’ve ever met – generous, warmhearted and highly skilled. They tended to our every need, providing nourishing meals, welcoming lodgings and inspired conversations. I’ve made so many new friends from the experience and I’m blessed to have made the journey.’

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