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Mary Holmes

‘I absolutely loved the 8 days of riding in Uvs Province in western Mongolia, covering over 180km, climbing to 3000 metres and crossing three mountain passes. We camped where suitable water and pasture were available for the horses, sometimes in high winds and sub-zero temperatures. To describe this journey as an adventure would be an understatement. The scenery, the culture, and the camaraderie with the Mongol team that guided and looked after us were truly exceptional. A special mention to the Mongolian horses who carried us so kindly over the Rocky terrain, barefoot and remarkably fed only on available pasture. The ride finished with two days at a regional eagle festival which was absolutely fabulous. I will never forget watching people riding to the festival on their horses and the occasional motorbike, just casually carrying an eagle on their arm. The competitions were fab; eagle catching and eagle hunting were timed. I will never forget watching the eagles launching from the hilltop and soaring down over the arena. It was brilliant! The kindness and patience of the eagle hunters in sharing their time and knowledge and answering endless questions will always be remembered.’

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