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Sally Boardman

‘Wow. What a trip.
Completely immersed in Mongolian culture, incredible landscapes, and beautiful, friendly, welcoming people. The horses were magnificent. They coped with all levels of terrain. It was the best way to see such a vast country, with horses, yaks, sheep, cows, birds and loads of wildflowers. The group of people on the trip were great to travel with, lots of laughs and great conversations. Our guides were very knowledgeable and their translation to English was very good. They kept us well informed of all the plans and timings and were always ready to help us with anything we needed. Nothing was a problem for them.
The fifth day was my favourite, riding up into the mountains. It was a hard slog for the horses and their stamina was inspiring. Coming down into the valley with all of the reindeer below was beautiful. We met the family who was hosting our visit and were surrounded by kids, dogs and reindeer. The scenery was stunning and the experience magical.’

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