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Irene Wynne

‘Riding across the awesomeness of the steppe, through a gorge with running water below, through larch forests, through a narrow pass through a dell of shrubs, trees, grasses and rocks. Galloping easily without reins and flinging my arms wide – flying like an eagle. Playing cards Mongolian style with members of the crew. Crossing the 2,700m pass to get to the Tsaatan people. Giving their reindeer salt and having them gather round – they were so gentle. Helping wipe up the dishes with the chef and her offsider. Camping beside crystal clear streams and sipping the pure water. Laughing with the Mongolian crew and our team of riders. This was truly a remarkable journey and one I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to experience. In tough times I will simply put my mind back to the open steppe and up there where the Mongolian mountains touch the clouds.’

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