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Nichola Horton

‘Do this ride, it’s amazing! The scenery was breathtaking and the company was even better. If you are prepared to rough it a little, it’s an experience you will never forget and one you will want to do over and over again.
The Kerns family made us feel like part of the team and that really made the experience great. Dana and Alice, their sons and partners all accompanied us on the trip. You could see their genuine love of the animals and the area, and many stories where shared. The meals served by Alice were amazing and well beyond expectations. All of the horses where fantastic. Each had their own personality and Titus in particular was so surefooted and gentle on the ride down the canyon.
My favourite day was riding down through the Bighorn Canyon – the scenery was spectacular. We picked up cattle about halfway down and there was a great sense of camaraderie. It all finished off with a night in the Double Rafter barn due to the snow setting in on the mountain.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and was well worth the price. It’s definitely not a standard one-behind-the-other ride and each trip will present different opportunities and activities.’

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