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Petra Westergaard

‘This was a trip of a lifetime and I loved every second of it! Mongolia is more beautiful than I ever expected. Mongolian horses don’t have names – I gave mine the nickname Boobob, as he looked like one of my horses but behaved like another of my horses. He was a 15 year old grey gelding who was just perfect for me! He was forward and surefooted and we just clicked – he responded to the slightest rein aids and didn’t need any leg. The guides, in fact everyone – cooks, wranglers, drivers – were just brilliant. Nothing was too much for them, they were all just the most kind, wonderful, accommodating, knowledgeable people. And OMG – the food! I had prepared myself for mutton, mutton and more mutton, but our cook was absolutely incredible and the food she prepared – 3 hot meals a day – was spectacular. If you love adventure and have a flexible attitude, then this trip is for you!’

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