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Rebecca Proctor

‘If you want a holiday of a lifetime, this is it. You can’t get better scenery, guides, and experiences than this! I rode Gizzy and within five minutes of riding him I was absolutely in love. He was the best horse for me. He built my confidence up, and when we got to gallop he went as fast as I wanted him to go. I felt so connected to him. He was amazing! I absolutely loved swimming the horses through the river, and also the big run up the grassy hill. My mom, sisters, cousin, aunt and I all got to run our horses up the hill at the same time and it was so fun!!

Our guides were outstanding! They just don’t come better than Bijmin and Jess! They work well together and they were so personable to everyone in the group. The accommodations were awesome – rustic and nice. The day we reached Paradise it had rained most of the ride, and when we got to the cottage there was a fire going and snacks out for us. I thought we had died and gone to heaven!’

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