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Robyn Smale

‘This was my 7th GT ride, which has become my favourite ride (I may have said that before!). I had been dreaming about this ride for years, and it was the one that caught my attention the first time I discovered GT. Surprisingly, it surpassed all of my expectations.  The base camp was situated in a stunning location, and the hospitality was impeccable. We were treated so well that every need was met, even the ones that we didn’t imagine. The food was outstanding, too. If you’re looking for a ride that delivers in every way – culture, breathtaking scenery, incredible horses, wonderful hosts, and a perfect small group size – then this is the ride for you. The best part of the ride was the incredible terrain, which blew me away. Despite having ridden a few of the big mountain ranges, this ride was something else. Each day was an adventure as we explored ways to negotiate the snow pack still there after a cool season. We pushed new trails, and the variety in terrain was stunning. All of the horses were drop-dead gorgeous and did their job well. I never felt compromised in any of the sometimes steep and very narrow trails. They just went up and down with the same reliable steadiness. I appreciate the amazing crew on the ground here and thanks to GT for being the conduit!”

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