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Samantha Philp

‘What a ride! This was my fourth ride with Globetrotting, and I wasn’t disappointed. The horses were so much fun, and I loved galloping across the Steppe of Mongolia. Our guides and wranglers took great care of us and ensured we had a good time. The best part was how the ride combined culture and horses. Our guide, Byamba, was phenomenal and so enthusiastic to educate us – I learnt so much about Mongolia. The Nadaam Festival was the real highlight, where ten tourists were almost as interesting to the locals as the festival was to us! We got to speak to countless beautiful kids practicing their English while watching the wrestling matches. But what amazed us were the young children who galloped their horses across the vast open plains for over 30kms in the races and often bareback. Wow. What a place! What an experience!’

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