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Fiona Bennett

‘My husband and I had one of the most amazing weeks of our lives. At 50 years of age (this was our birthday gift to each other – well it was his to me, really) I have ridden on and off for most of my life but not at a high level while he had never ridden, other than sitting on a horse one day for about 5 minutes.
My husband was quite concerned that the week was going to be one of the longest of his life, but after the first day, he was engaged. The wranglers understood his apprehension and they calmly and confidently challenged and guided him throughout the week. By Friday he was cantering across a wide open Wyoming plain!
For me the riding was equally challenging. I had no prior experience riding in a shank bit, so my idea of riding ‘connected’ had to go out the window. By the end of the week I was grasping the the concept of a new ‘connectedness’ with my horse.
We came away from the ride feeling that the whole week was a bit of a life changer! We are going back next year.’

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