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Stephanie Chan

‘Tiff and Bernie are such beautiful, amazing souls – they genuinely cared for every single rider and made sure we were comfortable at all times. The trails they took us on were hidden gems with unrivalled, breathtakingly gorgeous scenery. I rode Masarah for the majority of the ride, and on the beach I rode Barry. They were both so attuned to what was required of them and so patient with me, and I can’t describe how much that boosted my confidence and riding skills!
The beach ride was by far the most memorable. The scenery was out-of-this-world beautiful, and being able to fly across the sand as the darkness bled into light, with the peacefulness of a still-sleeping world and the sound of lapping waves, was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.
We had so much good food and wine at every single meal – they were all stand-outs! Tiff has done an amazing job scouting out all the must-visit places in the Shoalhaven region. Her parents, Lenny and Lorraine, had big smiles and beautiful attitudes that just made this trip all the more sublime and unforgettable.
A big thank you to Globetrotting for what they do and for finding such amazing rides!’

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