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Tara Kempfer

‘This was absolutely the adventure of a lifetime. In fact, I honestly don’t know how any other vacation going forward will live up to my newfound expectations after going on this trip. The horses were amazing, the accommodations were top notch, the staff both at the hotel and stables were absolutely wonderful, and the location took my breath away. It was literally a dream brought to life. Each ride was different and enjoyable in its own way, and the variety was fun and exciting. The Common Ridings were an incredible adrenaline rush and at times made me question my sanity, but my boy Bruno took excellent care of me and made sure we pulled through even the tough spots. If you are a confident rider looking for a trip that will be unlike anything you have ever imagined, this is it. You won’t find anything that gets your heart pounding like this one. I cannot recommend this trip enough and I will treasure the memories of this adventure for the rest of my life.’

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