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Lara Peake

‘The Kimberley Ride was top shelf – rather like the local Ord River Rum enjoyed at our last lunch together. Laura and Christian were delightful hosts and brilliantly supported by their horses and backup crew, who were all most kind and willing. We had the best hot showers I have ever had on a camp trip, although who needed them when we had freshwater springs to splash in in – hot and cold! The camp meals were amazing and there was always a great spread with a range of choices. My horse, Bugsy, was perfectly suited for this ride – surefooted, very responsive to weight and leg, never tired, and a light mouth; we rode with a loose rein most of the time. She was keen to take any challenge on and own it gracefully – a super mare. The ride over Saddleback was really interesting, and it was rather special being able to linger at Zebedee Springs after the other visitors to El Questro had to leave.’

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