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Katrina Lee

‘Torres del Paine was amazing! I loved it! Beautiful scenery all day every day. Being and feeling like you were on the edge of the earth was just amazing. The horses were fabulous – I wanted to take them home. So calm, smart and strong. It was great being able to go on such long rides, and galloping across the Patagonian pampas was just amazing, with the guanacos making their alarm calls and condors flying overhead. Having delicious packed lunches (with fabulous soup and Baileys) was just great after working up an appetite. The estancias were amazing as well. Some of them were the nicest places I have ever stayed, with the most incredible scenery to wake up to (and breakfast as well)! The group was just amazing as well. I did think that anybody who would want to ride for 10 days in Patagonia must be pretty cool, and I was right!’

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