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Vickie Boon

‘The most amazing memories have been created on this beautiful holiday. Tiffany, Lenny and Lorraine are the most caring hosts who make sure you are happy and content all the time. Big thanks to the lovely Bernie for being a fabulous guide on the trail rides. The horses are just beautiful, and so well cared for. Tiff’s love for them is apparent. It’s unbelievable how much I learnt from her just through conversation! I was matched with Drover and he was absolutely amazing. On the beach ride I had Vegas, who was also amazing – a beautiful canter along the beach is an absolute must!
I booked this trip 12 months prior and can honestly say that it exceeded all of my expectations. It’s something you have to experience to believe! If you love horse riding, delicious food, wine, beach and bushland, then check this place out. You won’t regret it!’

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