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There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!

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There’s a cherished mantra we swear by here at Globetrotting HQ: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!”

As the unpredictable becomes the norm in weather forecasts, this guide is your trusted ally when rain clouds threaten your Globetrotting adventure.  No need to hit the panic button—we’ve got your back.

Riding and camping in the rain can be magical, provided you’re well-prepared. Here’s your arsenal:

1. High-quality thigh-grazing outer rain jacket: Extra points for a front two-way zip and a split back to shield your saddle. Can’t go wrong with a LeMieux jacket, who also have warmer ones for really chilly climates.

2. Thermals galore: Remember the adage, “Cotton is killer”? Opt for thermal layers and tech fabrics that dry quickly, steering clear of the cooling effects of cotton.

3. Waterproof riding pants: Over breeches or jeans for light rain; add thermals underneath for heavier days. We love Mountain Horse Polar Breeches

4. Waterproof riding gloves: A must for a dry grip in the wet. These ones are waterproof and thin enough to maintain good contact.

5. Buff: Your defence against water trickling down your neck and chest, preserving that much-needed warmth. The Globetrotting shop has a couple of beauties to chose from.

6. Boot TLC: Treat your riding boots to fend off seeping water. Consider mini gumboots (a post-ride dream), especially with cosy inners. A pair I love are the Wynyard Gumboot by Thomas Cook, and from investigation, Saddleworld still have a few in stock!

7. Thermal sleeping bag liner: A personal favourite, ensuring warmth even if your sleeping bag gets wet. For ultimate warmth, this one perfect.

8. Puffer jacket: Slip something like this under your raincoat shell for extra warmth in chilly weather or when dismounting.

9. Warm Vest: Keep that chest toasty. A Globetrotters absolute favourite.

10. Multiples of everything: Plan for the unexpected by stashing backups in your dry bag.

11. Flask of warmth: Whether it’s whiskey or fireball (for the whiskey novices), a sip of something cosy is a welcome treat. Another one Globetrotting can help with here.

12. Mini hot water bottle: A snug companion for cold and wet camping adventures.

13. Thick, warm night socks: Because cold feet are a camping buzzkill.

14. Spare plastic bags: Keep wet gear contained to avoid dampening the rest of your belongings.

15. Keep munching: Eating fuels your inner fire—no arguments here!

I hope this guide proves invaluable.

Do any fellow globetrotters have wet riding tips to add?

Here’s to happy (wet and dry) trails! X

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