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Together We Ride

In the spotlight, Life as a Globetrotter

#togetherweride - Globetrotting horse riding holidaysWe’re slowly finding our new normal in this sea of uncertainty.
There are moments when I disentangle myself from my inbox, switch off my mobile, and seek solidarity in nature; it’s like air for me at the moment.
I feel like I’m holding my breath during the day, suffocated with fear, sadness and unknowing.
Like I’m caught in a snow dome, constantly being shaken by unseen hands.
Are you finding the same?
I stride to the top of our hill, our treeless hill, layered in knee-high grass.
Shoes off. I feel the ground beneath my feet.
That’s when I notice the tiny intimate happenings around me.
The conversations between the resident colony of magpies.
The bees zipping between flowers gathering pollen.
My dog sun baking on his back until he wakes himself up with a sneeze.
My horses grazing happily.
Snipping grass, swishing their tails before taking another step.
The twitching of their ears.
The bees, the horses, the magpies know nothing about our sky falling in.
I nuzzle into the crook of my horse’s neck and breathe deeply.
Like my life depends on it.
I sit cross-legged on the grass and watch my beautiful horses graze.
Lost in time for a moment.
This simple act brings me a deep sense of calm.
An inner knowing that I, we, as a collective, will be okay.
Peace prevails when I sit still in nature.
This is when I feel grounded.
And I realise that the world is still spinning.
The clouds drift across the sky, the same way they did before COVID-19.

I don’t have any answers right now.
But I’m choosing love over fear in this moment of calamity.
I’m choosing to help and serve others.
I’m choosing to show up for you, my beautiful Globetrotters, as best we can, as much as we can.
Both Laura and I are available to you.

Thank YOU, our gracious Globetrotting community.
You’ve been nothing but supportive, kind and patient in this situation.
Simply put…
We adore you.

And rest assured, we’ll be here.

When countries open their borders,
When the airlines resume,
When people are healthy again,
When we can hug and embrace,
When we can ride shoulder-to-shoulder again…
We’ll travel better.
We’ll travel consciously.
We’ll travel respectfully.
And we’ll globetrot with gratitude, like never before.
Because now, more than ever, we can’t take our lives for granted.
In calm and grace.
Kate x

*Sending so much love to all of the health care professionals throughout the world. Thank you for your altruism in this time of deep need.

**We’re starting a movement to harness the strength of our beautiful Globetrotting community.
Because together we are strong.
Together we can dream.
And together, we will ride again.
We’ll share our inspiration. We’ll show you what’s getting us through.
And we invite you to do the same, so that all around the world, the power and passion of equus can bring us together.

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