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Don’t Leave Home Without… Kerrits


Ok globetrotters, I have to make a confession. You are no doubt aware of my opinion of jodhpurs (if you aren’t familiar with it, click here and you will soon understand), and my refusal to ride in anything except my bombachas. Well, a friend of mine suggested I try Kerrits, and I have to be honest, I absolutely LOVE them!

They are SUPER comfortable and stretch in all the right places so you aren’t left walking around like a stiff ironing board. In fact, they feel like you are wearing a pair of running tights, except not as thin so you don’t get chafed from the saddle. They have a suede fullseat which helps the stickability, and are so easy to pull on and off – no more hopping around on one foot as you try in vain to pull off your sweat-drenched jodhpurs.

Kerrits come in various colours, nothing too ‘out-there’ which is good, I like my pants in neutral tones. And as an added bonus, you can actually put them in the dryer on low and they don’t shrink! So no more waiting around for your riding pants to dry on the clothes line, just throw them in the dryer for 15mins and you are good to go!

Now I still love my bombachas, but I now swap and change between them and my Kerrits, on a daily basis. And my bombachas have relinquished some space in my cupboard to make room for a few pairs of Kerrits.

Honestly, globetrotters, if you aren’t a fan of jodhpurs but don’t think bombachas are for you either, then you can’t go past Kerrits. You can order them online here where there are a variety of winter and summer styles to choose from. And don’t forget to let me know what you think of them!

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