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Don’t Leave Home Without… This Helmet

helmet for a riding holiday

Over the past couple of years I’ve been riding in a tomato-red polo helmet that I purchased from my all-time favourite tack shop, Arandu, in Argentina. It certainly has had its fair share of tumbles, thankfully cocooning my melon from serious damage. But now that I’m dabbling in the world of show jumping and cross-country, my Argentine polo helmet doesn’t meet the Australian Equestrian standard for helmets. Not only that, when I’m tearing down the polo field at a full gallop it’s constantly slipping and not staying in place, which is another good reason to shelve this helmet.

I’ve now upgraded to a Dublin Airation Pro helmet which I must say is seriously comfortable and fits like a glove! I love that it’s adjustable at the back, providing you with a secure fit, and its not too ugly for the stylish folk among us. Not to mention it’s light for when you’re packing it in your luggage, and it breathes when riding in hot weather conditions.

So if you’re in the market for a riding helmet for your next horse riding holiday or haven’t got one, from first hand experience I can recommend this beauty. I’ve yet to test it out with a fall but I’m sure that it will cut the mustard.

I’m curious to know, globetrotters, what is your favourite riding helmet?

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