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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Embrujarda

Andalusia, Spain

If you’ve signed up for a saddle seat on our ride in Andalusia, Spain, you might just be lucky enough to manage a double whammy and ride the delightful Embrujarda. We asked our guides, Giles and Miranda, for the rundown on this beautiful mare.

Horse’s Name: Embrujada (means ‘bewitched’)

Breed: Pura Raza Española (Purebred Spanish Horse, or Andalusian)

Height: 1.67 m (that’s getting up near 17 hands high!)

Gelding or Mare: Mare

How long has Embrujarda been in your herd? Three years

How did you find Embrujarda?
She belonged to a young man in the next village who had raised her and used to do pilgrimage rides on her – she had a good life with him, but he was lacking time, so we got tipped off by a mutual friend. He wanted her to go to a good home, and he still comes and visits her.

What do riding guests most love about her?
Her power, her willingness to work and her beauty.

What do you as guides most love about her?
Her willingness to work and her suitability as a lead horse, too – she is hugely courageous.

What are some of Embrujarda’s idiosyncrasies?
She doesn’t like any fuss, just wants to get on with it.

Anything else we should know about the horse’s story?
She is very typical for her breed – PREs are people horses, they love to work for you, are very courageous, and their square build makes you feel their powerful hindquarter engine underneath you whilst remaining super light in your hands. We may be biased but we think they are the best horses in the world.

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