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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Feriol

Catalonia, Spain , Catalan Coast Trail, Spain , Andorra Trail, Spain , The Bandit Trail, Spain ... , Catalonia, Spain , Catalan Coast Trail, Spain , Andorra Trail, Spain , The Bandit Trail, Spain

Globetrotting Guest Horse: Feriol - Catalonia, Spain - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

If you find yourself globetrotting through the magnificent countryside of Catalonia or even Andorra, there’s a chance you’ll be mounted on Feriol, a cheery fellow with a great sense of humour who loves nothing more than long walks on the beach – except long canters through the mountains, of course! He’s quite a catch, don’t you think? Read on to learn more about him.

Horse’s Name: Feriol

Breed: Andalusian

Height: 15.3 hands high

Mare or gelding: Gelding

When and how did you find Feriol?
We discovered Feriol a few years ago in the local neighbourhood when he was living in a paddock, somewhat neglected and underappreciated. We started to work with Feriol and he quickly enjoyed the newfound attention and the long rides. Seeing this, we knew we wanted him as part of our team and we have never regretted the decision to buy him.

How does he fit in with your herd?
Feriol is one of the more prominent horses in the herd, but he is not boorish. He is a fair boss for his lower-ranked field mates and therefore brings a lot of peace and stability to the herd. Feriol is very social and loves to play with his horse friends in the pasture.

What do riding guests most love about Feriol?
Feriol is a very reliable trail partner. He likes to go forward, but is always easy to control. He is always positive and in a good mood, so he scores points with the guests as well as with our team.

As guides, what do you most love about him?
With his good-natured character and being easy to ride, Feriol knows how to please his rider. He is also a very experienced trail horse and can always be relied upon.

What are some of Feriol’s idiosyncrasies?
Feriol is an adorable, cheeky chappie. With his innocent pranks, he always brings a smile to your face. He can untie knots and instead of staying tied up, he undoes his rope knot to steal a few blades of grass at the first opportunity. With his pronounced Spanish movements, he loves to show off in the pasture and show everyone what a beautiful little guy he is!

Is there a stand-out story, or anything else we should know about him?
Feriol is one of our best Andorra Trail horses. In the mountains he is completely in his element and overcomes difficult terrain as nimbly as a mountain goat. Despite long and exhausting daily stages, he is always extremely enduring and full of energy.

Feriol is a guest horse on the Catalonia Ride, the Catalan Coast Trail, the Andorra Trail and the Bandit Trail.

You can also meet Rudi Stolz, the driving force behind these rides and Feriol’s lucky owner, here.

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