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Globetrotting Guest Horse: Media Luna

Sierras Chicas, Argentina

safari horse in the spotlight

Meet Media Luna (it means half moon in Spanish), a safari horse within the string of brilliant horses at our partnering estancia in the Sierra Chicas in Argentina. She’s known as the super-model of the herd with her fine and elegant features and is a joy to ride.

Name of horse: Media Luna (Half moon)

Breed: Peruvian Paso

Height: 15hh

Gelding or mare: Mare

How did you find the horse? We bought her pregnant as an unbroken 3 year old

How long has the horse been in your herd? About 8 years now

What do riding guests most love about this horse? She is just about the most comfortable horse in the world! Despite her appearance (light build, long spindly legs, all angles) she is super-smooth in all gaits and transitions – the rider literally doesn’t move in the saddle at all. One guest commented that going from a ‘normal’ horse to riding Media Luna was like moving from flying economy to flying first class! She has lots of heart and really tries for her rider, and is surprisingly strong and sure-footed. And of course is as pretty as a picture.

What do you as guides most love about this horse? Our guides call Media Luna our resident supermodel – skinny, angular, but oh-so-pretty.

Mention some of the horse’s idiosyncrasies. On the ground, before you mount, she is an incredibly ‘alert’ horse – ears always twitching, head in the air, slightly on her toes, but as soon as you mount she is completely calm and relaxed and all about her job.

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