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We’re at the tail end of our 12 day trip to Canada where we road tested a seven day ride in the remote Canadian wilderness. Buster and I are currently sitting at a airport lounge in the shabby Los Angeles International Airport waiting for our direct flight home to Brisbane. I’ll divulge all and more about the ride in a detailed post as soon as I’ve had the chance to overcome jet lag, play a weekend polo tournament and MORE importantly devour our baby girl, Finn. Buster and I left our gorgeous girl on a Friday, so its just under two weeks that we’ve been away from her. Funnily enough it’s now more than ever sitting in a lonely, colourless airport that I’m missing her so much. Even though its only a 14 hour flight that’s dividing our sweet reunion it feels like its to the moon and back.

I’ve had moments throughout the trip where I’ve been overcome with love for her and missing her with every ounce of my being. The first time was on the flight over when I saw a father with a toddler around Finn’s age. I came back from the bathroom in floods of tears, hiccuping to Steven how much I missed Finn not knowing if I could survive the 12 days. At the start of the trip, I felt like my heart had been left in Australia, I kept looking over my shoulder and the unnerving feeling that we had forgotten something.

I’ve been quite tragic, some nights I flick back through my photo library on my mobile to gawk at Finn’s life from the day she entered the world. Tears trickling down my face I would absorb her, grasping for videos so I can listen to her chatter.

However with Finn at home cocooned in a blanket of love from both her grandmother and grandfather, Buster and I had a wonderful time where it felt like a second honeymoon. I can’t wait to share with you all our adventures through photos, video and words. Watch this space.

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